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Related article: Date : Tue, June 23, 2009 November 15 26 -0700 ( PDT ) From: Ami u003camias05 yahoo. com u003e Subject : Brief Encounters Chapter 29 Brief Encounters - The saga continues... ! eekkk First, the obligatory warnings and disclaimers - not to read into the fund, if unresponsive naughty sexual exploits of a young teenage student. the characters are fictional and not shown explicitly on the basis of a person... although, if you suddenly s in the center of the story Just think how happy she This is supposedly a work of fiction, albeit with some memories of my days of s own school and some of the most unspoken fantasies that I n and my "best friends " admitted only rarely, when we were playing in this very special, trust, and it was certainly innocent. Now it's hard to imagine what it was, no Internet immediately to help conjure up fantasies of the images, webcams, or stories based entertain. Our sex life was completely dependent on a very intimateImagination and therefore able to create our own fantasies Friends usually based and what we saw happening under the table or in the locker room ! I am no apologies for the fact that underwear prominently in this story, because quite honestly it did, was very visible, and n is a tangible link that has developed between us and our fascination with sex! It is important to remember that apart from very rare sexual extroverts, never dared to mention n is the problem because they are easy to install, and no one understood he what is happening to us anyway! could be a story about the age of discovery - usually in bed - on If you share a room with a brother, then a discovery to be in the bad \\ \\ n into account for the ! time of writing the story itself is not ready yet, and the n better or worse, has now become a work of some length, but I'm n regularly for updates, and there is more than enough to keep written pages works! Nifty require a text file, so that if forMats or punctuation go slightly above the stream, now I know why! And while the script several reasons that had the names of characters have to change, so I hope of continuity, are now correctly Finally, I hope you enjoy and please please leave me a comment o suggestions, and for some of you, that could run a memory or two three, if you're lucky... I was intrigued to know Tom E -mail : amias05 yahoo. com ******************************************* ******************************************* ***** ** ** **** Chapter 29 - "Does the feeling of" " Appy like a dog with two tails , Tom said, " See You Wot think. " " Everyone is looking at? "David asked nervously looking around. " No. Just get on with it ! "Said Alex, his shorts seemed about to explode would be " Bloody Dave hurry, or take the bus to be here... and I want to feel good! "Said Joe enthusiastically. David was behind Alex and pulled him, his hands began to run all over the back of AlexHorts. " Yeah, oohh I can feel 'em... but I do not know what it is! " Lolitas Nude Said David point to laugh. " Out of the way ! " Joe said David to the side and Alex pulls right return to their own camp shorts. " Ooohh nice!" , Said Alex. " I think so," Joe 's hands were now n runs over the full form of the writings Alex. " Well? " "It could be that the elastic is not very thick.. I expected it to Y- Front," said Tom, " Wait, I have a idea! " Joe Spencer took Alex and I were forcibly in the hope that the federal government shows her underwear through her ​​white school shirt. No. " I've done ! " Tom said, laughing : "Look, I think they are not the usual, all of us... you know, ' because they are always on the agenda edge yer shorts if you bend ! WoT called the shortest.. hipsters ? " " Oh, shit, it's the bus! "Alex said, looking toward the street " Joe, stop groping me! would be better, as I said in the first place and just watch me go to the stairs! " N "It is better to go slowly tchicken, " David said with a smile. " So you want to tell us, if we're on the bus? " " is even better if they showed us, "said Joe tries to hide his erection in pocket n crowd on the platform, leaving Alex immediately torsion stairs. all eyes were on the legs of his shorts gray. " You are pale blue," said David stretched neck, n by Tom and locate the up. n " we're going up the stairs before the driver is told us again," , Tom said anxiously, " not like us hanging around on the platform ! " " Yer, bright blue, "said Joe Alex with enthusiasm after the steep stairs. " Pale Blue, right. I bet you are new Y- Front, "said Tom digging up stairs behind David. " WOT with the white bits ? "Said Joe. " Yer. " nodded Tom and went to a few empty seats near the middle of the bus. There were some other places already occupied, it seemed as , but Joe was waiting for Alex, which reveals the secrets of her new underwear disappointed! " Well, tell us what happenedthen? "I asked Tom," You're new, right? " Alex was the case with our last get rid of defective elastic underwear Syndrome " Well, I just came home from school yesterday and my mom said it was n me something to me in bed. "He said he still sounds excited. " Cor, exciting, "said David. " Well, I WOT? And she said he was sorry he had taken what long... but he hoped I liked 'em! " " There were three of them in packages. " " Bet you did not wait for 'em since, "said Tom with a smile, " Have you ever hard? " Alex nodded," not want to be ? " " Course and I am now, " Joe smiled voluntarily, " What do you say yer mother? is a bit complicated thanked him for the pants, right? Well, I think I do! " ", I yelled up the stairs and then drowned in the bath... " " Y.. " Grins Tom waited. " Now, do you? " Alex blushed, " Yer, if he had... and I have to clean the old up! Y... " " and WOT "asked Joe. " Well, I did 'em removed, since " " WOT.. She slept in them? "Asked Joe laughing. " YER... JimJam below me! " " Dirty Boy!" Said Tom. it did, and all four were laughing now, however, Alex was still slightly pink in the face! " Ssshhh... quiet... but WOT do," asked David. " We do not know 's to know? " " Well, he can not be here and show 'em you can... it is people! " ", said Joe. n " Well, that's telling the bloody hand innit ! "Said Tom. He smiled, " no.. but what s I could do is to decompress a little and all take turns to take a look! " Alex and nodded, he moved to undo the zipper of his shorts, but was stopped by Tom, that next to him n see also reply Alex Shaking his head, "No, I want to do that does not care ? " " No... but not too far.. We are committed can not be caught! " Bent Tom and pulled the bag out very clearly before slowly pull the zipper. It was about five inches apart, Alex smiled as he looked at Tom Price slowly open up, Lolitas Nude the blue cotton was visible. If it does open so farbecause he was leaning to and looked inside, as he provocatively pushed in front of his own pants. "is the Y- fronts with white at the edges. " Whispered Lolitas Nude the response of David. "Want Lolitas Nude to trade seats? " Even before he could rise, was therefore obsolete and Joe Davis up and move more, Tom pushed the empty space more and grinned. They were seen on both sides of Alex, not as n what a willing victim he wanted to be and what is hard work that would be are out of his shorts n Alex To the surprise the first timid David wasted no time and immediately worm started with one hand on the back of his shorts, while Joe was doing fly outdoors. " Oh, easy go ! " Alex said softly. He looked around and wait for other passengers had not noticed the sudden activity. Tom saw and started playing with it in their pockets. " Oh No Joe !.... No, stop! " Alex hissed. It's too late, Joe had his hand through the fly and alrEady started its way into the knickers of Alex. David saw himself as innocent as s more and more difficult to get your fingers slipped into his pants n and beyond the elasticity of the new white briefs. Hopefully with the finger could run up and down between the buttocks ! " Hey, you know, try to have a straw in the morning? " Whispered Joe, n othing if not backward in coming forward! Alex blushed slightly, "Uh.. sometimes. " "Normally you think! And now," said Joe. " Not today, I was too late this morning ! " " Mmmhhh ! Me! I would like to end well !" David finally got his right hand inside the panties and started trying to dig, get your ass. "No David.. please... no! " David was coming, and no one stops them. Alex pressed buttocks together and closed his eyes as he felt the wandering fingers and closer. Joe was an idiot who now began to short quick strokes firmly with your index finger and thumb grasping the head of his cock Tom looked around and thought it was safe from the hand of the view pushed down the front of the pants ! The view was too good to pass up ! thinking that surely began to masturbate in silence despite making is just an hour or so before, when he tells in bed! David and began to laugh, nodding his head was to the other two and soon All eyes on Tom, who is now too busy to notice. " Joe... stop... and cum... please... stop... " nobody sees Spose us! Stop! "Despite its faint voice sounded desperate Alex. " When they see us, they could participate. As Tom! "Joe said, laughing rubbing harder and harder. "... Oh, shit ! "Alex complained. " Stopppp... " that was it, could not contain himself any longer and involuntarily arched his back as he began to ejaculate. As extends from the rear of the seat of David launched the hand slid immediate at the base of the spine is home to the fingers crooked butt hole. Joe is a first, he was thrilled. Her hand was now covered with another child viscous emissions, which he could not afford all yet. At first he had rubbed it around and then shook his cock as Alex lubricant, while he continued to rub Alex tail spasms. David had the eyes of his s, and was on a different level, with fingers to be pushed into Alex, who enjoyed every second of your exploratory wells. "Tickets please! " Joe happened to be really sure if he heard correctly. His heart almost stopped coming was at the top of the stairs, a young ticket inspector who received must be the last stop! As the autopilot, he found the sticky hand polished inside the Alex warning to the new underwear and pants pushing against both David and Alex them the danger! " Yer, hide with this!" He said his school bag raises the Alex tried to sit back and look well, as innocent as I could, given the circumstances . Alex uneasy mix in the seat, shorts were still undone and his pants were feeling something sticky. What he knew, , but Joe did not know that David had his fingers, buttocks ! However, since the three of them were crushed all at the double seat Davis missing arm does not really count Now Tom was blind to all these activities! Lying on the green seat, closed his hand was desperately in front of his shorts with his eyes that n concentration in the production of other milk jar less than an hour ! Unfortunately, when we talk about three points of nano seconds o victory out of his orgasm predicted second morning was brutally n awakened from his fantasy world, Joe dug look hard in the ribs and specification back. Terrified Tom turned quickly, saw the inspector hangs ! n fact, in large about four rows of empty seats removed and threatening, like Joe, he thoughts of his heart skipped a beat ! Almost as a reflex motion hand come to his backpack and sat on his lap, his erection at the time schoolboy hiding honored tradition ! What they do not haggle, its tail was is still running, now is prepared and recorders in a very unusual that the inspector was not very old and certainly not n -twenties. That was a job usually occupied by the expectation of retirement, in fact, he was standing on the person who had called for the sick. " good guys, has your tickets, please? " then looked down and smiled at the strategically placed pockets ! that s was a show that would immediately by a man who identified himself more of about ten years when the bag was hidden under a 99 percent chance important part of the erection of a student \\ \\ n with a little growling and more to find pockets bag full of students of trash from the four guys finally moved the offensive piece of paper in the air. As the ticket inspector Toms gaze turned to the bus must be powered by a huge potholethe street with a drop of the almighty all stirred in their seats. The forced removal of the heavy bag Toms on top of their effort Hahn was the key to her second orgasm, and s in a few seconds, his name is four inches were casting their second load cum this morning. I could barely contain himself, uneasily in his seat with legs involuntarily contractions feel hot juice squirt in his underpants. " Very well son? You look a little red " The inspector stood over him and looked very worried when Tom shook in his seat, his face was obviously a shadow deep red as the second marked by " Um... I 'm fine! " Tom caught by the words : "I had the flu umm.. " "right well... well... umm.. WOT summer flu is not very well, making it's easy! " " growled YER.. "Tom. He longed to hand over his pants and to take his throbbing cock, but it should be " Well, what about you lot? " The inspector returned to the three children crushed in the douBLE place. " tickets? Gawd, you look a bit squashed! Still plenty of room there! " Tom said, pointing to a seat. David and Alex were silly, laughing. Not only because the two n guess what happened to Tom, but also because David was aware now its place in Alex 's ass wobbles more like finger puppet ! tickets offered. " Good joke, boys? " asked the inspector. He referred to the bag in Alex 'n back and smiled. " HHMM.... yer," said Joe, laughing to say the only one still in a unique position. " YER.. very funny! Is not it Tom? " Tom grunted, his cock was jerking and desperately require a little TLC physics. The inspector was Alex, judging by his face was obvious was feeling very guilty about something. Forgiven to keep a straight face, said : "I is expected to be a hard day at school," This was Alex was bright red. His intuition proved correct and the Inspector Alex blinked, only served to increasetheir shame ! n Tom, David and Joe immediately got the joke and stirred more laughter. The inspector turned and walked away, but turned and smiled before he went downstairs, Joe smiled back, while Alex is hide her face. A little earlier, an unfortunate Arthur Weldon had discovered that his theory of s underwear dried only in the back of a cupboard not graduated from the University of Life. For the plan not very successful was an understatement, confirmed what the The next morning, as late as usual, rushed to get dressed. Even if reportedly now has a nice feminine scent, but obvious Essence herbal shampoo that they were being very, very wet. Wet, as n almost wet! In fact, so wet that it was a great fight, pull the wet, cotton legs hold. The process was not helped by the thought his mother off at any moment to tell him to go there very quickly, even by theThe erection that had developed now. Too late he had not had time to your morning usual straw so the best I could do that was very stubborn thing member of the cotton ball ! Finally gets his gray pants about your hefty zipper written and he felt so uncomfortable, that if we go down to breakfast. Lolitas Nude " The art of good. Just in time I came to you! " Looked of art very relieved that this particular treatment was lost "Where is Simon then mom? " he asked, looking around," Do not tell me one time Lord of surprises bit late ! " " enough of this! Yes, I would like hunting ! of start on your cereal, I'll go " kind smile, he had a pretty good idea why Simon was getting late, and would not be n he, too, being chased by his mother! the art was very true, what Simon had done it ! Trapped in his room with his bag of books s behind the door, Simon was a silent panic. because the recent days, the fantastic discovery that is now producing some sperm that not leavingand the tail alone. Unfortunately, now was the beginning of to see why art had dirty stained underwear cum kept under his bed! The night before, he had masturbated twice to exit from the rubble in their soaking sheets and pajamas. Furthermore, very early this morning she had awakened with an erection fury, could not resist n wank again. Then, half an hour after it was again ! After all you fell asleep to be and awakened by his alarm had been the third time in less than two hours The litmus test not only was the food, it was all over clothing bed of his s pajamas! Worse, by chance, he had smeared his brown jacket to school and was too lazy to hang last night I had left in her bed! Now I knew why works of art on n colloquially cumrag under your bed ! On top of his cock poor had not really recovered from his recent ill-treatment and felt as if was very sore ! The small purple head was fine brightred and very, very painful, it is hard to play! On top of all that running around in the back of the head was the idea of ​​ horrible that her mother was still ordered to be more involved in and their environment, sometimes even your bed! " Simon, where are you ?'re Late! " of absolute panic, I could Lolitas Nude hear coming up the stairs like! Grabbing his sticky pajamas, curled up and went to bed to pray that just today decided not to make his bed ! " is just mom. " the doorknob was shaking as he tried desperately to look like the bed tidy. If they were to pull the blankets and small stains n prove that something had happened so obvious ! " Simon... what is wrong with this door? " " I'm sorry..... is my bag must have fallen over HHMM " \\ \\ n rushed to the door and pulled the bag so he could enter the room. " Sorry, I'm a little late today... mmm mother! " It is understandable that seemed more red. " Yes, are. Art is always too late... unusual for you. " " Yer so then go to breakfast. " " Yes, you're good, you look rosy enough ? "She looked around ",Uf , which smells here, perhaps the bed needs good ventilation, I do later! "No Simon replied, his heart sank. I knew it was useless to talk to of an idea for that. Could also perhaps the whole dry milk when it did, and did not realize that ! his cock was so painful that when he went awkwardly in the kitchen, kind guessed immediately what he had done, and laughed, put his hand by mouth. Listening to his mother down the stairs, took the initiative behind Art was quick to ask: " I ​​know it's funny, but.. more Germolene ? Seriously, " looked no Simon pretty lost and confused, agreed: " Please... However, how? " " two back to breakfast and did not walk or you'll miss the bus. "The voice of the audience:" I go back every minute. "N " You see ! "said Artwith a smile: "Well, how many times have you found " "Five... together," " Oh, you silly sod Simon.. are you hurt Hey, all! ? WoT which means " Simon looked very sad. The pain and humiliation were definitely not what he imagined to be able to masturbate properly was. " Umm.. last night... and three times since half past six this morning! " That s said very sheepishly. kind laughed. "You dirty toad.. fucking worse than me," smiled Simon: "Is this still in the bathroom Germolene " N "I think so... look yer uncle breakfast easy now to get there and put some n in before Mom returns! " Simon carefully walk up the stairs to anoint the tail. Art finish his cereal and stood up, only to find that your underwear is wet stuck to him and his gray trousers were now much moisture is added n to the much darker outline of her underwear wet was now clearly visible! were about to catch the bus stop, when Simonis arrested his mother, eagle eyes. " Simon is stuck on the Lolitas Nude front of the jacket ? Come here and let see me? " Back Simon turned and went to worship their eyes from recognize that was. ! Art immediately, smiled and walked quickly away trying to sound convincing Simon said: "I do not know, Mom.. I only saw it meself " " Hmm.. so I can not do anything now, "he said, rubbed finger, " you better let me out tonight... I can not to go out looking like that! "n \\ \\ "No, mom, we're better, or we'll be late... bye ! " freedom at last! Simon was trying to escape from his mother and his fans cleaning, the way he abused almost pushed down from the front door and up the garden path Art understandable the whole situation was very funny and was laugh at the expense of Simon, who was until Simon asked him a question. ".. art is why you see the outline of.. yer pants are darker than yer pants and.. "Simon touched the ground again, "Why do you think the feeling of all yer wet round ass ? " of art only paused on the sidewalk. With all the pressure Simon could not did not realize how wet his pants. Art saw Simon only obvious was the amount of your panties under her wet n pants! He knew it was not so distinctive and different from the truth n really an answer. Paradoxically, he could not tell the truth Simon n because I was not sure it was Simon, all his underwear in the first place! captures 22nd You just had eye contact, he said nothing for a few seconds. Simon realizes too late that the cause of the nature of the problems to be will not say anything. What kind of suspicion ? Now he was bitterly regret, especially because it was so understanding of art from his post n self-abuse. the art was not sure what to do. Simon could trust or not? Simon had raised the subject as he would have done the innocent or had a wi"Simon left, bitch. " Nd up? attack the best defense, was n quickly to the bus stop. Simon limped off the street after him, his tail to his straw n writings. "art..... I did not want.. " " Well, that's all it is damn right, then? Lolitas Nude " Simon pulled the manga, and that to achieve concrete bus shelter. "Please... art? " of art made ​​itself felt under Lolitas Nude enormous pressure in recent weeks, and had something to give. Involved in stealing underwear, now magnified out of proportion. Simon was a trick question slowly lit backup, but it is not fair to blame ? The question is actually reduced confidence. Do you think, Simon? N "Mean to WOT ? Maybe not. I do not know damn " and that's the truth! "Pause Type N and examined his brothers are faced with the hope of an answer. " I really hope you meant and know nothing, really screwed Simon to do... on or if I'm going to screw up the balls after a fucking drag a " Simon broke wi? First written with a capital fault, accountable Luckily, the bus reached the corner, and breathed relief when nature once said: " Now here's the damn bus, lets get a \\ \\ n that. " for a change of the top cover is not sang and sat close together in silence. Simon stared out the window I wonder how he could n rid of the hole he had dug for himself. With the help of Tom Alex, who was to dig much deeper, because even this morning. After a few minutes kind of pushed him in the ribs and whispered : " ! I'm sorry.. uh... sorry... not true," Twisted n Simon to see the art and saw him with tears in their eyes. That has to n. The guilt. Great debt. Simon, literally do not know what to do. Clearly some kind of conclusion, that n was innocent. Simon felt absolutely terrible. He drank it came kind and grabbed his hand and held it, he opened his mouth to say, something, but nothing came out. " Oh, shit ! " Said Art, "Please, no. I can not fuck Handland this too! " The bus roared, and she sat there and looked at each other with tears runs over their faces. " Umm.. "Art rubbed his eyes, " One day I 'll tell you what this is all about. It all so fucking stupid and ruined my fucking life.. " Smell Simon, I only knew how stupid I was, and wished it had never begun it. S Finally, the guy poked and smiled through their tears: " anyway, how's yer cock fucking little?. " Smile Simon, it sounds a little hoarse," It really hurts fuckin.. I just hope it is not hard to get! " kind smiled and squeezed her hand tightly," You know, I was so bitch ' appy if it really came yesterday... It seemed as' appy as is a dog with two tails! " Simon laughed despite more tears streamed down her cheeks. " You idiot ! 'N ' And now," continued the art " in less than a day have masturbated so fucking much take for foot pain like you have bleeding hedgehog attached to yer ass! " Simon laughed on the outside, but inside was hatingwhat s he was doing to his brother. He could never make up ? N "Hey, art. " He said. "I wanted to ask before the amount of stuff that Germolene he was destined to use? " Lolitas Nude " Just a little finger yer.. why? " N "I have great stain on and still burns like hell! " smiled type: " You know that if you use too much, will make all yer pants pink and do not wash it, that's what I do when I was your age and say, Mama WOT have! " smiled At first Simon. Then, realizing the consequences of his face ot an expression of horror. "So. How will I be all pink pants then? " " Oh yer, and are things the Germolene and smell ! So mom knows what pants pink.. it means that you masturbate too much already! " said Art laughs, adding for good measure. "From now on we will keep a yer pants to see if things have been bad as well as runners.. " Simon took a deep breath, this was worse than horrible! Apart from that, he said so was now beginning to experienceENCE a small fraction of What kind had been through it too. In less than twelve hours everything was destroyed, but its tail, his mother is going to inspect your bed, and Cummy probably his pajamas and had not yet agreed with the jacket brave n school! But now was the thought that he would control inside his pants No trace of excessive masturbation Germolene and and so afraid of him! " We are at school in a matter of minutes," one way to put his arm around him, " I do not say, , a word of this.. or be able to cum... it depends on what s happening between us is that we from the right.. " " Yer. law. promise. "Simon pushed his head against his chest and rubbed the type tears. How will this ever end ? ###################################### ######### # # # ########## chapter 30 to follow
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